Shadowrun - Just Another Job

Let's Go To The Mall, Today!
Sorry, Robin Sparkles wasn't there.

It was a chilly January evening and I was meditating at one of my favorite parks. Even three weeks after the winter solstice I could still feel the power flowing from the park and into my body, putting me at a complete sense of Bbbbzzzzztttt…. A call.

Bbbbzzzzztttt… a call from an unknown number. 

The symbol flashing seemed familiar,  yet just out of reach. Bbbbzzzzztttt FINE, fine….

I've seen him before, he's a friend of a friend I think. An ork, but still I have to keep my guard up, I don't really know him, can't really trust him. I continue to play the role of the dumb savage even though I've worked on teams with some of the most bleeding edge weaponry that Ares had to offer. The question was simple, and it leads to another means to an end. Seem eager, too eager, it's what they expect anyway… so I take the job, I need to pay rent after all.

A little bit better of a part of town than I'm used to… Renton… suburbia. I probably could change clothes and blend in a little better, but realistically I won't blend in here no matter what.  With Brakhaven in charge no Ork belongs in this part of town and they say it with every sideways glance and with every meter they shy away from me whenever I come here. Yes, the rags will do fine… keeps up my persona of the savage, hides my form fitting body armor nicely, and completely covers all my tattoos.  Easier that way, less questions, less interest.  People see the dirty savage and they just want him to go away.  Works for me.

So the club, the Murdered Mime, is a Yakuza front. Clever. Hiding in plain sight and not much too it. I like their style. Rest of the team arrives, I think I've worked with them all at least once before. Not bad folks for people who run in my circles. Refreshing. Lacking a little tact maybe though as they start discussing the yak's right at their doorstep, better to take action and go inside than let this continue. Ah the muscle is thinking the same thing I am… she's smarter than most muscle I've been paired with, maybe this won't be such a bad run after all.

We go inside and meet this Mr. Takana. I need to remember not to overestimate my own worth either. I'm told later that this Mr. Tanaka is the Japanese version of a Mr. Johnson. Surround yourself with those who do and know things you can't. Survival of the fittest, this urban jungle will kill you just as fast as the rainforest.. although here you won't have your soul digested by an awakened plant… usually. So this guy's a Johnson from out of town and looking to help his friend Mr. Sanada pull a Houdini from his sponsor corp, Mitsuhama. 

The prospect of messing with a AAA fills me with a rush of adrenaline. I try not to show it, maybe play it off as nerves. Yes, I definitely want this job… the thrill of the chase, perhaps some cat and mouse. Poof this guy from the Northgate Mall downtown and get him one checkpoint away to a hotel for extraction. I know it's never as easy as it seems, but what fun would it be if it was? The pay isn't bad and the guy is offering future work if we complete this for him.  Our face tries to negotiate, but this Johnson is a master… if he has follow-on work it is probably worth it. We take the job. They take one of my spare comlinks… always have a backup. The Yakuza point out that we were being monitored outside, team only grasped half that meaning… yes we were watched, but they were listening too and I can't imagine they were too happy about what they heard.  Can't change the past though.

24 hours… too long to maintain the rush, too short for any big set-ups. No matter, he's supposed to be a soft target with nobody on top of him. Legwork goes well… we determine this guy is most likely a Technomancer… that could actually help in extracting him as he won't have nearly as much trackable wear. Similarly he might be able to fry his own security tags or provide a distraction.  

Scouting the mall has mixed results. On one hand the door is set up for tomorrow, we have a good layout and video of the area and a few ideas of how to pull this off. The bad is that 2 fake SINs might be burned. That'll eat a big chunk of profit if they are.  They also have video of 2 members of the team acting suspicious the night before the drek's going to hit the fan. Remember to wear nanopaste tomorrow, don't be seen.. not many green orks running around Seattle.  Note to self, research more on green orks.

Recon of the hotel was surprising… the place was a fortress. Apparently big boys with their big toys use a private airstrip near here for dirty deeds. Surprised we'd never heard of this place… paradise for a blackmail scam I'm sure. May have to take some video and post this on shadowsea once the job is done… but not before.  

We think we have a plan in place, not sure I'll get much sleep tonight, but tomorrow should be some serious action. Too bad it's downtown or I'd take my rifle… too big of a risk. Maybe next time.

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