Relax! it's important to enjoy crime, you know?


ZeroPoint is a slight woman with brown skin, wavy black hair, and warm golden eyes. She has an open air about her, a friendly demeanor that invites conversation and comment from total strangers. It’s obvious that she’s not quite used to the Seattle climate as she’s usually in carharts, a sleeveless down vest, and leather jacket even in the summer. Her right arm is a custom job that stands out – black with gold accents, a bee motif, and a bunch of names in gold script in a leaf-and-vine pattern along it.


Born to a loving low-class family, with three siblings and two parents, ZP was a middle child with a lot of free time and a penchant for machines. Her father was local, ran a local car repair joint and was a community fixture with a big heart. Her mother was from the UCAS, a rich kid who went to Rio de Janeiro to find herself. They brought ZP up as best they could, but fell on hard times. ZP started working with cars and drones at age 10, at first to help around the family shop, but eventually to bring in extra money for the family. Things were normal for her until late into her teens.
Ana Clara, one of ZP’s closest friends, got into some trouble. She needed help, and ZP took her call. She was the wheels, with a sporty car borrowed from her dad’s shop. They made the money they needed, and decided this could be the ticket out for them, for their families. They started doing deliveries for smugglers and runners, eventually working their way up to extraction jobs, the kind of top-level shit only runners see. They were in over their heads, but lucky enough to make it work. Their luck ran out eventually, and a few jobs went sideways, and ZP was dead broke when her mother got sick. She used her underworld contacts to borrow from the Yakuza, and still owes it. But the job they wanted in addition to the payment forced ZP to leave the country, so now she lives in Seattle, and tries to make the best of things.

DEPENDENT: Gabriela, ZP’s best friend. They’re always together, except when she’s working. She can’t really handle the running life, so she’s always hopping from one dead-end job to the next, and often needs to crash with ZP or borrow money. They grew up together and have been friends for ages, and ZP would do anything to help her out.
IN DEBT: The Yaks. Specifically, Akiyama Takeshi. He’s a grade-A creep who had a thing for ZP, and lent her the money she needed to help out her family with medical bills. Not unknown to drop in for a ‘friendly visit’, ZP has made paying this debt her top priority. He might know about her Big Regret, he drops a lot of hints, but ZP doesn’t know for sure.
BIG REGRET: ZP and Gabriela used to have a third friend, Ana Clara. She joined up with ZP when she was starting to run, and to make a long story short, was accidentally gunned down by ZP in the middle of a job that became very public. There was more collateral damage too, several activists at a demonstration. Gabriela doesn’t know, and ZP will do anything to keep it that way.
MYSTERY MOD NOISE: ZP will tell you it ‘came like that’ but really she tried to mod her own arm and nobody can quite figure out what she fucked up or how she fucked it up, so it buzzes on.
MILD ADDICTION: BLISS: This started after the Big Regret. Anything to dull the guilt, which she couldn’t even tell her best friend about. She has a prescription from some doc-in-a-box, and it used to be worse, but she’s slowly getting a handle on it. Still, excessive violence is likely to result in heavy use.


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