Sketchy Igor

"That arm will someday rot. You should let me replace it. That and your skull."


An obviously-cybered bear of a man, Igor is tall enough to eyeball short trolls and barrel chested, though his hands seem too large and fingers too thick for delicate cybersurgery work. His beard usually smells of vodka and often has cigarette ash strewn through it. He has a booming laugh, but it is usually triggered by gallows humor.


Despite his nickname (given to him by the Vory), Igor is actually one of the better, safer street docs in Seattle. His insistence on taking and giving payment in certified credsticks means that he keeps few records, so there’s no telling what sort of modifications may be on offer at his clinic, which moves between a set of out-of-the-way locations. The current address can usually be found with a search of the right forums on ShadowSEA.

Sketchy Igor

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