Missy Kincaide

"And what would the lady prefer tonight?"


Missy is, pardon the phrase, rather impossible to miss. Her Victorian attire keeps her posture perfect behind her immaculately clean (for Seattle, at any rate) bar. Her obvious cybermodifications are of brass and, given their gears and glass, difficult to identify. The glass over one eye does appear to maintain some sort of information feed, but those who have stared too long often find themselves being asked their business by one of the bouncers.


Melisandre Arabelle Kincaide is the third-shift bartender at Ebey’s Bar in Exile in Everett. Her steampunk affectation should not be mistaken for archaic tech – merely an archaic aesthetic. Missy knows all her regulars and her suite of surveillance tech will make you as-good-as-a-regular in ten minutes or less. Those who tip well, call her “Ma’am,” and are a little flirty get excellent drinks, access to a rather frightening web of information, and one of the most selective memories in Seattle. Those who are boorish, or worse, bad tippers, find themselves getting served by autodrone and Missy always seems to think they look like trouble when the Knight Errant boys drop by to see how she’s doing. Those who threaten her find that her regulars adore her, are protective of her, and are usually armed.

Missy Kincaide

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