Dzia Arkessian

People can only be seen as a problem for so long before they just decide to go with it. How long do you think you have?


Dzia (“Zee” to her friends) is an older ork with a no-nonsense glare. She dresses for practical street protest: jeans, heavy boots, and a jacket too thick to be simply synthleather. She wears her age proudly in the silver lock of hair up front, but the rest changes color on a near-weekly basis.


Zee Arkessian doesn’t talk much about her past, except to say that she was a “domestic for a wageslave clan” once upon a time. Since she arrived in Seattle, she’s become a community organizer and protest leader for Mothers of Metahumans. While welcomed only rarely in the halls of power, Zee knows the metahuman communities from one end of the sprawl to the other, and they know her.

Dzia Arkessian

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