Dame Fortune

Welcome, friend. Why has fate brought you to my humble shop today?


Dame Fortune plays up the “Exotic Elf from Elsewhere” angle to the nines. Swathed in white and careful to not actually touch her clients, the Dame maintains a cool and professional demeanor most of the time, but her eyes flash and she hisses curses in a variety of languages to those who fail to address her appropriately.


Owner of the Fortune’s Favor Magical Gear and Gewgaw shop in Renton, most stories around Dame Fortune identify her as an elf from somewhere in North Africa. She keeps only the legally-required minimum of technology within her shop, even maintaining paper ledgers. She is a competent enchanter and knows most people worth knowing in both the hermetic and shamanic communities of Seattle, though her own tradition of al-hikmah is quite rare in the Sprawl.

Dame Fortune

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